Commercial Trucking Program

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Lula drivers get access to the industry’s leading technology, driver vetting tools, claims management, and pay-per-day insurance coverage.

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Why Join LULA's Authority?

Lula provides proprietary technology to manage fleets, access to top load-boards, and reduces insurance costs by over 20%.

Fleet Management

Lula provides Fleet Management tools to increase the efficiency of your operations.

Driver Vetting

Our technology looks at nearly 80 data signals so you only hire the safest drivers.

Claims Handling

Our specialists handle all things claims through a comprehensive claims handling process.

Exclusive Access to Partners

Drivers get access to load-boards and membership benefits

Liability Coverage

Auto Liability, and Non-Trucking Liability with a combined single limit of $1,000,000.

Cargo Coverage

Drivers get access to load-boards and membership benefits.

Commercial Trucking Insurance

Pay per day instead of all year round.

Starting at $199 per month, you can receive all the perks of a regular Commercial Truck Insurance Program, while only paying for the days you are out on the road.

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"An absolute game changer..."

Lula only charges me when I'm driving, on a day by day basis. It's cut my costs down by at least 30% and I can manage my entire fleet using their systems. The trucking industry is so far behind the times and Lula is definitely bringing us into the future. I'm never going back to paying for coverage when I don't need it. Thanks Lula!

Sean P.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions